Engagement Activities

We created these to maximize your ability to integrate our core elements into your online gatherings and conversations. Take a leap and try them!

--New activities and updates to this page coming soon!--

Dash Line


A challenging, collaborative, and low risk activity to reflectively confront biases, perspectives, and assumptions.

Primary Element: Collegiality

5 - 7 mins

Improv exit

With exponential variations, this quick activity adds fun, movement, and acknowledgment at the closing of meetings.

Primary Element: Enjoyment

1 min

10 second takeaway

This warm up, brainstorming, or cool down activity adds a mix of media and helps in driving an idea forward.

Primary Element: Divergent Thinking

10 sec per participant

meaningful shapes

A creative and playful activity to unearth mindsets, feelings, and values. 

Primary Element: Wayfinding

20 sec per participant

Tell us what does and doesn't work 

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